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This bead loom is manufactured especially for us in the Far East and comes complete with a few beads and some thread to start you off. All in a snazzy box and, we believe, the most user friendly instructions this side of a genuine wigwam.

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Beading Paraphernalia - Bead loom (LMAA, formerly 61A, misc / other)

Full product name: Beading Paraphernalia - Bead loom (LMAA, formerly 61A, misc / other)

Notes: This bead loom is manufactured especially for us in the Far East and comes complete with a few beads and some thread to start you off. All in a snazzy box and, we believe, the most user friendly instructions this side of a genuine wigwam.

Frequently asked questions about the product: Bead loom

Q: Hi, firstly just want to say how much I love your website/online shop, full of loads of helpful information! I was just wondering how big is this loom? I travel quite a lot and like beading whilst away but don't want something too bulky. Thanks in advance
A: Thanks, glad to hear you enjoy our website! The bead loom (boxed, to keep everything together) is approximately 31x8x8.5cm.

Q: How many beads wide can the design be?
A: It depends on the size of rocailles you're using, with the smallest that we sell, size 11, you can make a piece that's 32 beads wide.

Q: I have never used a bead loom before and it is something I would like to learn how to do but I was wondering how you can finish off bracelets and possibly necklaces or even earrings with clasps/fishhooks if you use a bead loom? Also I notice you recommend seed beads but could you incorporate bugle beads? Thanks for your help.
A: When you finish a piece on a bead loom you have to knot off the threads and so you can easily tie on a clasp and ring. You can even make clasps out of seed beads to add to the end. You get an instruction leaflet with the loom that shows you how to set it up, with some quick projects but we also sell a 16 page Bead looming book at: which has loads of projects and helpful hints. I should think you would be able to incorporate bugle beads, it would require setting up the loom a bit differently, but I'm sure once you've mastered the set-up it should be possible.

Q: In a previous question you say that it can be of any length. From the picture, it looks like the warps go through springs although the winder is solid, does this damage or weaken the completed work in any way. I want to make a guitar strap for my husband so will need to make something about 3 feet. Also, is there a formula for calculating the number of beads needed for a project; i.e. number of beads wide = x inches number of beads long = y inches
A: Yes, the warp threads wrap around the wooden winder, and they don't tend to really touch the springs. The springs are also coated so they're not rough in any way. Therefore, whatever the length it shouldn't be weakened in any way. As for calculating the length, it would depend on what size bead you use. The loom fits about 30 rocailles across. We don't really have a formula for working out how many beads you'll need to make the whole thing but sizing in rocailles is quite handy as size 8 for instance means you should get 8 to an inch if you thread them, so you could square this then you'd have the number for a square inch. This would only be a very rough guide. Perhaps you'd like to send a picture of the beaded guitar strap to the gallery on our blog it's full of fabulous creations!

Q: Please can you let me know how long a piece of beading it is possible to make with the loom ?
A: Because of the way the beadloom works you can make an indefinitely long piece of beading. You can keep on winding the threads along the loom to make a massive piece if you want.

Q: What size of bead is best for the loom?
A: The loom comes with a few packets of size 8 rocailles, though you could use other sizes too. Our rocailles can be found here -

Q: What sort of bead is used with a bead loom?
A: The best beads to use with a beadloom are Rocailles (otherwise known as seed beads) which you can find under our glass section.

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