The world of Beads Unlimited is a very busy place right now. Whilst on the one hand we are sad to see our iconic bead shop go, we are excited about the opportunities it brings such as our new venture of taking over Beadtime.


Beadtime have double the amount of products that we do and whilst we will be acquiring most of them, we won't be taking them all and many of the favourites are out of stock. Due to the sheer size of this operation it may take some time to have everything up and running so your patience here is greatly appreciated. We will endeavour to get it running as soon as possible. We will start by having a dedicated category for Beadtime products so that you can find what you're after quickly starting with the best sellers. Do keep checking back because as we upload the products, it could be that we have something in stock or a notification that something is on order. Please get in contact with us for anything you may require, any favourites, your staples or suggestions you might have by emailing as we won't know what you're after if you don't tell us.


You may or may not know that we are approaching the grand old age of 30 next March and during that time, we have seen it all! The fleeting trends have been and gone before, the beading industry has risen and fallen to rise again but the one thing that hasn't changed is how addictive beading really is! We have seen many retailers close their shops and opt for an online only business, highstreets with lots of empty shops and lamentably, this industry is no exception.


It is a depressing fact that the retail industry has taken a hit with the Eastern markets mass producing at lower prices however, on the plus side for the bead suppliers, they're not always compliant with UK regulations of being lead, nickel and cadmium free (sometimes they say they are but actually aren't as the laws we have about false advertising are also not applicable to the rest of the world) and the importer has the responsibility of expensive testing to be done to ensure that they are. With the government investigating reducing the UK's carbon footprint and tax duty increasing we can but hope that there is a better future for the home grown suppliers, the high-street and the independent retailers in years to come.


The Brighton Bead Shop was born in March 1986 to Geoff Ellis and it quickly became a family run business when he took on his sister Jacquie to be the accountant. Whilst the wholesale beads have always been around, that side of the business has grown from strength to strength and now dominates the company. Jacquie is now the operations manager and has played a major role in developing every aspect of the Company. Geoff has since left due to personal reasons but still pops in from time to time to see how his baby is doing and annoy his sister! We're all one big family here with or without blood so it was a shock to hear that the shop was closing.

We know that many of you also have fond memories of the shop, having shopped there as a child and some of you now taking your grandchildren in to pick out beads by hand. For those of you that have been lucky enough to shop in a real bead shop, you will know that there is nothing quite like running your fingers through pots of beads, rolling them around in your hand and picking up every one until you've the perfect bead for your project. Hours disappear within the walls of a bead shop- a feeling you cannot replace. If you have had the pleasure of visiting ours before then aside from the joy or picking out individual beads, you may also remember the beautifully carved wooden trays the beads are laid out in, the plants that decorate the shelves, the massive painting of Ganesh, the butcher's hooks left from the previous user, maybe traipsing up the stairs to a workshop overlooking the colourful, arty, North Laine of Sydney Street or perhaps something else?


The Brighton Bead Shop will be closing its doors on January the 3rd, until then we have amazing bargains such as; bags of beads for as little as 75p, 30% off all loose beads- a full on clearance (and don't forget the shop has a lot of different stock to the Beads Unlimited website) so you could help us out in the shop's final days by planning a Christmas trip and stocking up! If you don't fancy filling up then it would be nice to see you in store one last time, if only to say goodbye.


Brighton is a wonderful place to visit, especially at Christmas as it has amazing shopping facilities; the world famous North Laine, The Lanes and Churchill Square. There's tonnes to see and do, easy transport links to London and of course our iconic Brighton Bead Shop so seize the day and come on in one last time. More information is available in the links below.


We love feedback so please let us know your thoughts, memories and what you'll miss!


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