We have a brand new bead mix for you - if you like them though don’t hang about, as once they’re gone, they’re gone! If you have any mini beaders at home these will be perfect, we find the little ones find cubes easier to grip when threading and they’re lovely and bright. Also guaranteed not to roll all over the place if they’re dropped, that has to be a plus point! We've got a board full of ideas for children to try on Pinterest , very useful if they're bored now big brother or sister is back at school.



It must say something about me that even though only two of these resin cubes have any liquorice I mean black stripes, I keep thinking of sweets whenever I see them. Still, at least it takes my mind off cake for a bit! A few years ago there was something of a craze for beads shaped like sweets, ice cream cones and various other foodstuffs; in fact if memory serves we actually had a competition on our old blog for food themed designs. Being a nosy bunch we do love to see what you’re making, so please feel free to send us pictures of your latest masterpiece if you feel like showing off!


The other news this week is that until the end of September, we’re dropping our usual (non-trade) minimum order of £5 before P&P. So if you suddenly realise you’re out of crimps but don’t need anything else right now, you can actually go ahead and order 100 without racking your brains for some extra items to make up the value! Obviously if you’d like to spend huge amounts of money that’s OK too, just trying to keep everyone happy. Any thoughts?