First off I feel I should apologise for the rather obvious title. I was going to go for Animal Fair but then I got the song in my head and realised we didn’t have a baboon yet! Or a monkey for that matter, what do you think, should we try to find one? Let us know if you need a monkey charm for your collection! We do now have plenty of birds, a bee and an elephant so we’re almost there.



As you may have gathered (being a clever bunch), our stupendous offer for this weekend involves our brand new animal charms and pendants. If you order any of them, postage is free! Nearly everyone has a favourite animal so do have a look through, it’s a pretty wide range so hopefully we haven’t missed too many out!


If you follow us on Facebook you will probably have spotted the giraffes sweeping majestically across our cover photo recently. Staying with the safari theme we also have a rhino, a tiger and a leopard (you wouldn’t believe the smell in here)! We’ve got a new butterfly and dragonfly as they’re always such popular designs; for similar reasons we have another owl for you too, he’s really cute. The nation’s favourite, the robin, has joined our collection as has the rather more ostentatious peacock. I plan to have peacocks of my own one day, all I need to do first is win the lottery and buy a mansion. I suspect they’d turn their noses (well, beaks) up at my current garden.


Talking of gardens we now have a very sweet little snail, a frog, a beautiful bee and a squirrel. If you’re lucky enough to see foxes in your garden you might like our two new designs, they were so lovely we couldn’t choose between them. We also went for two different wolves, one howling and one with a gorgeous shaggy face. Yes I know wolves aren’t generally considered cuddly, feel free to pretend it’s a dog instead! Just to complete the line-up you’ll also find a pony, a gecko and a reindeer – is it too early to start thinking about Christmas?