Did you know that on this day (13th of August) in 1889 the first coin-operated telephone was patented by William Gray? The iconic red British phone box is recognisable worldwide and many have been exported, due to the traditional associations. The first, installed in 1920, was made out of concrete but the pillar box red style that we all know and love was later introduced as a result of a design competition in 1924.


Modern technology has had a major impact on the use of the kiosks and numbers have decreased dramatically. However many of them still stand, as now not only can you call, you can also text and email from our beloved boxes. They have other uses too - in the pictures below you can see one being used as a defibrillator in Belstone, Devon and another as an ice-cream stand in Eastbourne, East Sussex.


Motorola first introduced the mobile phone (almost as we know it) on 3rd of April 1973. Over the last 42 years we have seen mobile phones change in colour, shape and size but undoubtedly the most notable advancement is the technology that we have literally at our fingertips!


The Brighton Bead Shop was born in 1986, when mobiles were decreasing to pocket sizes. We have seen the trends come and go like the seasons with both beads and technology. Many shops have had to adapt their approach to keep up with the current economic climate and sadly, some have been lost in the battle, just like the phone kiosks.


Today unused red telephone boxes are sometimes painted green and converted to 'Solarboxes', a free mobile phone charging station! We're pleased to say that we also have the best of both the past and the present world; the iconic shop that you spent your pocket money in as a child is still there for you to take your children or grandchildren to spend their pennies in and we have a mobile site for those suffering with proximity issues!


 Defibrillator Red Telephone Box in Belstone, Devon

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