If you've ordered from us, then you may know that Feefo (previously we used Trustpilot) request your feedback on both our products and service. You may not have time to review something yourself, possibly thinking that your opinion isn't important and someone else will do it, but how many times have you used reviews yourself? Don't forget, reviews aren't just a story about how something was the perfect gift, those stars are often seen beside service providers, hotels, sellers and places of interest!


Reviews are a good way of letting those less experienced than you make a better judgement before purchasing. Unfortunately they are not always constructive, as is often seen throughout retail those that are unhappy with something would sometimes rather rant about it than give the company an opportunity to resolve the issue. But what does it matter, they don't affect anyone, right?


Wrong! There are retailers out there who incentivise workers with commission. Pretty standard practise in the world of Sales but these shop assistants rely on your positive response to a survey to earn a 'living wage'. If you get muddled up on the difference between an item being out of stock and the service someone provided, it can have some serious consequences on the employee. If they don't receive enough responses within the set period, that can also be harmful to their pay packet. You'll know which ones are depending on you because generally they have that Cheshire Cat grin and sign their name on the receipt or card they hand to you!


We don't pay commission of course (not even in beads... what a good idea that would be though!) but similarly ratings can have an effect and what's actually being said by saying nothing? We've all probably wondered at some point, "who do these people ask?" when seeing statistics on beauty ads, tabloid polls, gameshows such as Pointless and Family Fortunes and case studies but they've asked someone and they actually responded. The worst thing is when you were asked but didn't respond then didn't like the results... I'm sure we're all guilty of it at least once in our lives and the worst case is always during elections. "I didn't vote because it wouldn't have made a difference'. One ant in your kitchen doesn't seem to make a difference 'til you see the hundreds of little ants that do!


Let's have a brief look at the kinds of feedback (although I'm sure you're well aware):



You might be happy to voice your opinions and if you've been disappointed, you're perfectly entitled to say so. Please be gentle though! It's oh too familiar a scene in retail for any customer service representative to receive an earful from an angry customer, and as a customer, it can be easy to forget that the person you're talking to is, in fact, a person with feelings and may not actually be able to make your wishes come true! It's unreasonable to expect aggressive behaviour to be well received as well. When a child kicks and screams that they want sweets, you don't reward them by giving in because they only learn that that is a good thing to do. If the child were to calmly lay out the reasons why they dislike their lack of sweets and how and why they believe things need to change, then you might struggle to say no! At the very least, you'd be more likely to listen and take it on board.



It's so great to hear but when was the last time you told a stranger they were doing a good job? Positive experiences are talked about  far less, which is sad to think when you consider the phrase 'negativity breeds negativity'. Sometimes people fear sounding patronising when praising but it can make someone's day! We challenge you to compliment at least one person you come into contact with every day and see how that changes your day as well as theirs.



Is an amazing form of feedback and everyone has the ability to give it! It can be both positive and negative - it's not what you say, it's how you say it! Constructive feedback gives the receiver the ability to learn and develop. In its simplest form, it could just be 'I don't like X because X and therefore I can't do X'; providing the opinion, why and how you came to that stance. This is ultimately what everyone wants as it demonstrates what barriers need to be overcome.


Without you (our customers) we wouldn't exist, so who better to guide us in providing a better service for you? As other companies do, we have been asking, reading and listening to your views and we heard you! There have been many changes over the last couple of months and there are plenty more to come. We will be asking more and reintroducing polls for things like 'do you like/dislike certain products', and such things that affect you! So far on our improvements list we have:


  • Done something terribly technical with the website server to increase the speed (just last week) and are trialling it. If that doesn't help much then we'll look at what we can do to improve it further 
  • Adjusted the trade account criteria for businesses that sell beads
  • Increased stock levels
  • Expanded on ranges
  • Increased frequency of new stock
  • Moved faster with trends


We will also be improving both the way that trade and retail discounts work, tidying up the website and... we're not going to give it all away! It's all stuff that you've mentioned to us, for which we're thankful. There are many more things that are happening behind the website to make your experience and our service better, but some things you're just gonna have to sit pretty and wait to see what we pull out of the bag!


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