As the name suggests, most of these rounded little raptors appear to be dozing, there are a few wakeful ones however. Maybe some are nocturnal and some diurnal? We’ll leave you to decide; if you have any thoughts on what breed they might be though do let us know as we can’t agree! It might be the slightly unnatural colouring that’s confusing the issue, personally though I’ve decided that the brown ones among them are Tawny owls.


The Tawny is our largest common owl, found in woodlands and also sometimes spotted in parks and gardens. They’re the species which gave us the familiar ‘too-wit, too-woo’ sound, but did you know this would actually be a male and female calling to each other? The female gets the ‘too-wit’ line and the male will respond with ‘too-woo’, which I presume is the owl equivalent of ‘yes dear’!


Owls have been heavily featured in designs of clothing, jewellery and household accessories of late, so if you want to follow this particular trend our sleepy owls will be just £2.75/10 while stocks last. We will of course be keeping our original ceramic owl mix as well (we wouldn’t dare discontinue that)! If you prefer a pendant though we have a choice of two; one owl comes in either a gold or silver plated finish and our newish addition, the wise owl, is extremely cute and also double sided, making it perfect for charm bracelets or earrings.