We have yet more new products for you and this time, you really do have the best of both worlds. Crazy about colour? Prefer the classic black and white? With a cheeky 20% discount this weekend you can try both!



Elasticity has long been a best seller so we thought we might add some colour – namely red, pink, blue and purple. We haven’t forgotten our monotones though, every beading basket needs some black and white thread so we also now have versatile S-Lon bead cord for you.


Our new range of coloured Elasticity is a little different from the clear and black that’s been flying off our shelves for years. Whereas our EYN is 0.5mm and our EYK is 0.8mm, the EY6 (there’s a clue in the item code) comes in a thickness of approximately 0.6mm. It is flat rather than rounded and made from several fibres rather than just the one, making it rather easier to persuade your knots to stay put! The colours can’t be shown in all their glory by photograph but they really are gorgeous, stock up on clear beads as you won’t want to hide them away.


S-Lon bead cord is made from nylon of course and can be used for almost any beading task. It threads beautifully as it doesn’t fray, no need to revert to melting or applying clear nail varnish to the ends to save your sanity! It’s good and strong; just perfect for macramé, Kumihimo or other braiding techniques that require some resilience from a cord. Once you’ve completed your piece using S-Lon cord you can be confident it’ll stay the length you’ve made it, since it has little or no stretch.


Our creative bods have had a lovely time playing with these new lines recently so we hope you like them too. Don’t forget we always love a picture if you feel like showing off!