One of the new products we’re bringing you this week is a rather humble wee beastie, in fact you could easily overlook them or even (if you were feeling uncharitable) dismiss them as boring. Not so! There are so many ways you can use a clear glass cabochon, I know because I’ve just managed to compile a board on Pinterest devoted to just this one item.



Of course the obvious starting point is simply to glue them onto things – they look really effective around the edges of a mirror for instance. Forming a ‘barely there’ kind of frame around photos and pictures is easy with these too, you can be neat and tidy with regimented lines or go a bit crazy and stick them all over the place!


Once you’ve finished adorning household fixtures and fittings it’ll be time to start with the jewellery; blank ringscufflinks and brooches are just waiting for a shiny glass dome. If you’re one of our brilliantly creative readers you’ll be way ahead of me here I’m sure and already considering the possibilities of macramé, soutache and wire wrapping.


All well and good, but you can also turn a clear glass cabochon into something far more exciting merely by adding a backing. Just a dab of paint or nail varnish on the flat back gives them a completely different look and even I can manage that! A piece of printed paper or fabric cut to size and placed behind the cabochon looks terrific, the finished effect can be as vintage or contemporary as your imagination allows. Don’t just take my word for it though, have a play and let us know what you think of them!