Judy Garland Bracelet

  • Designed by: Yvonne Horrocks
  • Difficulty: Easy
A beautiful bracelet to adorn any wrist, perfect with casual wear to add a splash of colour pop.
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Silver Lined Czech Silver Glass Rocaille/Seed 8/0 Pack of 5g
  • Buy 10 for £0.42 each and save 30%
Rainbow Czech Clear Glass Rocaille/Seed 11/0-Pack of 5g
  • Buy 10 for £0.42 each and save 30%
Miracle Bead Mix Plastic Round 4mm-Pack of 200
Calotte Silver Plated 7x3mm-Pack of 12
Crimp Silver Plated 2mm-Pack of 12
Toggle Clasp Silver Plated 13mm-Pack of 1
Judy Garland Bracelet Project Sheet
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Steps to make this project

Step 1

Legend = 4mm Miracle Beads (A), Size 11 Seed Beads (B), Size 8 Seed Beads (C) Ending and Adding Thread To secure your thread, pass the needle under a thread between beads and pull through until there is a small loop remaining. Pass over the original thread and through the loop and pull tight ensuring the knot forms between the beads. Pass through a few more beads and repeat. Pass through some more beads and trim the thread.


Step 2

Thread your needle with 2m of stretched beading thread. Leaving a 15cm tail, pick up 4C, 1B, 1A and 1B. Circle round and pass all the way through the 4C again to form a ring. Push the other beads over to the left.


Step 3

Pick up 1C, 1B, 1A and 1B. Circle round and pass through the last 4C, this will be 3C from the previous round and the new C picked up at the beginning of this step. Push the other beads over to the left.


Step 4

Repeat step 3 until the bracelet is the required length minus 2.5cm for the clasp.


Step 5

Pick up a crimp and pass back through a few core beads. Weave up through an outside set of beads and back up to go through the crimp again. Weave back through the core beads and secure your thread.


Step 6

Place the calotte over the crimp with the hook facing away from the beadwork. Gently close using your flat nosed pliers. Add one half of the clasp and turn the loop over using your round nosed pliers.


Step 7

Repeat steps 5 and 6 to finish the other end.