Liquorice Black Kumihimo Bracelet

  • Designed by: Yvonne Horrocks
  • Difficulty: Easy
Create your own braided bracelet perfect for stacking, wrapping or just on it's own.
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Thong Black Cotton 1.5mm-Pack of 10m
Kumihimo Clasp Silver Plated 12x8mm - Pack of 1
Liquorice Black Bracelet Project Sheet
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Steps to make this project

Step 1

Cut your cord into 8 equal lengths, there is plenty to make a bracelet or a choker. Hold the strands together and tie the strands in a knot leaving about 10cm loose length. Tie a weight to the loose end to create tension, something such as a bag of beads or pennies.


Step 2

With the number side of the Beads Unlimited braiding disc facing up, place the knotted end through the centre of the disc. Hold the disc so that 32 is at the top and 16 is at the bottom. Place the threads so that you have one pair on either side of the dotted numbers as shown.


Step 3

Remove the cord between 16 and 17 (bottom left) and insert it between 30 and 31 (top left).


Step 4

Remove the cord between 1 and 32 (top right) and insert it between 14 and 15 (bottom right).


Step 5

Turn the disc anti-clockwise to the next set of cords. Number 8 will now be at the top and 24 at the bottom. Remove the cord between 24 and 25 (bottom left) and insert it between 6 and 7 (top left).


Step 6

Remove the cord between 8 and 9 (top right) and insert it between 22 and 23 (bottom right).


Step 7

Turn the disc anti-clockwise to the next set of cords. Repeat the braiding pattern of bottom left to top left and top right to bottom right. Turn the disc and repeat the braiding pattern until the braid is the desired length. Make sure that you allow a couple of centimetres of braid for the finishing.


Step 8

Cut 2 5cm lengths of Sellotape and stick one end onto your workstation ready to use. Hold your braid from underneath the disc ensuring you have grabbed the very top. Carefully release the strands from the disc.


Step 9

Take 1 length of your tape and wrap around the top pf the braid, covering about 0.5cm of braid and the loose ends. Cut through the tape and cord section to roughly 0.5cm. Undo the knot at the other end and repeat to secure that end.


Step 10

Undo the clasp. Check the fit of the cap, make sure that no tape is showing. Trim a little more if necessary. Dab some glue onto the end of the braid and place inside the cap. You will need to wiggle the cap on a little. Wipe off any excess glue from the cap. Repeat with the other end. Leave overnight to dry.