Round Kumihimo Braid Bracelet

  • Designed by: Jo Porter
  • Difficulty: Easy
Learn the basic 8 warp kumihimo braid to make this funky, modern leather bracelet.
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Thong Black Leather 1.5mm-Pack of 1m
Thong Brown Leather 1.5mm-Pack of 1m
Silver Plated Wire 0.8mmx6M-Pack of 6m
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Heavy Hook Antique Silver 18x6mm-Pack of 1
Round Kumihimo Braid Bracelet Project Sheet
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Steps to make this project

Step 1

Cut four strands of cord that are three times longer than the desired braid length. Hold the strands together and fold them in half and tie the strands in a knot.


Step 2

With the number side of the braiding disc facing up place the knotted end through the centre of the disk so that the free ends extend towards you. Hold the disc so that 32 is at the top and 16 at the bottom. Place the threads so that you have one of the pair of each colour on either side of a dotted number.


Step 3

Remove the cord between 16 & 17 and insert it between 30 & 31. Remove the cord between 1 & 32 and insert it between 14 & 15.


Step 4

Turn the disc anti-clockwise to the next dot. Make sure that 8 is now at the top and 24 at the bottom. Remove the cord between 24 & 25 and insert it between 6 & 7.


Step 5

Remove the cord between 8 & 9 and insert it between 22 & 23.


Step 6

Turn the disc anti-clockwise to the next dot. Lower left cord up and across the disc to the left of the two strands and the upper right cord down to the right of the lower strands. Make a quarter turn anti-clockwise- Repeat this braiding pattern until the braid is the desired length, allow a couple of centimetres extra of the braid to allow for the wire wrapping. Place a piece of sticky tape tightly around the end of the braid and remove it from the braiding disc.


Step 7

Make the desired length of braid. I used 2mm leather in black and brown opposite each other in the disc. Cut approximately 40cm of wire. I used 0.8mm silver plated wire. Bend the wire in half and make a loop in the centre.


Step 8

Wrap each side of the wire tightly around the braid. Passing the left hand piece of wire around to the right and vice versa.


Step 9

Continue to wrap the wire tightly around on itself so that the loop of the wire is secured. Bend the ends of the wire into the coil. Trim any leather strands that are sticking out with a scalpel or sharp scissors.


Step 10

Repeat to add a wire wrapped loop to the other end of the braid. To finish add a heavy hook to one side and clip to the other loop to close.