Shamballa Bracelet

  • Designed by: Jo Porter
  • Difficulty: Easy
The art of macrame is used to make these very on trend bracelets. Learn the skills to make your own and try with other beads too.
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Waxed Red Cotton 1mm-Pack of 1m
Waxed Black Cotton 1mm-Pack of 1m
Shamballa Bracelet Project Sheet
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Steps to make this project

Step 1

Cut two 60cm lengths of cord (one of each colour) and one 120cm of red cord. Pin one end of the black cord to a bead mat by tying a small knot in the end of the cord (or you can pin the bracelet to the knee of your trousers). Thread on your desired beads.


Step 2

Tie on your long length (this is the knotting cord) 20cm along the pinned cord. Make sure each side of the long length is equal. The centre cord is called the lazy cord.


Step 3

Place the left hand cord over the lazy cord and underneath the right hand cord. Take the right hand cord behind the lazy cord and through the left hand loop. Pull tight.


Step 4

Now place the right hand cord over the lazy cord and underneath the left hand cord. Take the left hand cord behind the lazy cord and through the right hand loop. Pull tight. Repeat this knot, making sure you alternate between left and right, to make the desired starting length, slide a bead up to the knotwork, then continue knotting.


Step 5

Add as many beads as you require with Macramé knots in between. To finish, add a dab of glue on each side where you have left over knotting cord. Trim the excess when the glue is dry. Leave the lazy cord.


Step 6

To make the closure for the bracelet. Take your remaining 60cm length of cord. Overlap your ends of the lazy cord. Tie on the remaining cord in the same way as before and make around fourteen knots. Glue and trim the excess of this knotting cord. Be careful as the lazy cords need to slide to adjust the bracelet.


Step 7

Thread a bead onto each end of the lazy cord. Knot to keep the bead in place, add a dab of glue and trim the excess when the glue is dry.