Stacked Infinity Loop Bracelet

  • Designed by: Yvonne Horrocks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
Stacked Infinity Loop Bracelet
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Fake Dark Red Suede 3x1.5mm-Pack of 1m

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Eyepin Silver Plated 2"-Pack of 12
Pressed Black Glass Round 8mm-Pack of 1
Patterned Heart Silver Plated 15x18mm-Pack of 1
Thong Black Cotton 1.5mm-Pack of 1m
Infinity Loop Silver Plated 13x33x2mm - Pack of 1
Leather Crimp Flat Silver Plated 3x9mm-Pack of 1
"love" Connector Antique Silver 33x11x2mm - Pack of 1
Ribbon Crimp and Clasp Silver Plated 7x5mm - Pack of 1
Stacked Infinity Loop Bracelet Project Sheet
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Steps to make this project

Step 1

Measure and trim 50cm of fake suede. Set aside. Fold your long piece of suede equally into three lengths and cut at the folds. Even up three ends and secure under the clip on your clipboard. Carefully plait your suede, take your time to make sure that the thread is not twisted and is sitting nicely against each other. Continue until you have braided the entire length, secure the ends by wrapping with sellotape. Set aside.


Step 2

Take an eye pin, thread on your glass bead. Trim the eye pin using your cutters to roughly 0.75cm. Hold the end of the eye pin in your round nosed pliers and using a rolling action, turn a loop in the eye pin. The end of the wire should meet the beginning of the loop so there are no gaps and should form a nice round loop. Repeat for the 2 hearts. Open one loop on the glass bead eye pin by gripping with your flat nosed pliers and twisting the loop away from you like a door. Thread on the heart bead link with the narrow end towards the bead. Twist the eye pin back in the opposite direction to close securely. Repeat with the other heart link.


Step 3

Cut 20cm of bootlace and thread through the other end of the heart link to the centre of the bootlace. Repeat on the other end. Set aside.


Step 4

Cut 20cm of bootlace. Fold in half, hold the bootlace near the fold and pass the folded end down through one of the loops on the infinity loop. Make sure that you are holding the loop the right way up, the curved side facing you and the ridged side facing away. So you are passing the bootlace loop through from the curved side and out at the ridged side.


Step 5

Pass the ends of your bootlace through the loop of bootlace to form a lark’s head knot. Pull slowly to form a nice neat knot. Repeat on the other end. Set aside.


Step 6

Using the remaining length of bootlace, place one end inside the folding crimp and fold the sides down to secure your thong, repeat with the other end. Fold the thong in half and cut at the fold.


Step 7

Open a jump ring by gripping near the join with one pair of pliers and using the other pair to twist the ring away from you like a door. Pass one folding crimp loop through and through the loop on the Love connector, close securely. Repeat with the other end.


Step 8

Cut a length of sellotape and attach to your workbench by folding both ends over and stick down. Start to lay out the individual pieces onto the sellotape, measuring out from the centre for half the required length of your bracelet, in this order: Heart Link, Plain Suede, Infinity Loop, Plaited Suede and the Love Connector. Make sure that you centralise the bead, infinity loop and the love connector.


Step 9

Fold the sellotape up and around the threads. Repeat on the other end. Really take your time with this to get them even. Trim through the taped ends leaving 0.5mm of taped threads.


Step 10

Dab some superglue onto the open ends of the thread and place inside the ribbon clasp, the glued ends should butt up against the fold in the crimp. Fold the sides down securely. Repeat on the other end.