Waterloo Sunset Ear-rings

  • Designed by: Yvonne Horrocks
  • Difficulty: Easy
This classy waterfall ear-ring design is just perfect for jazzing up a little black dress.
Total Price:
Product Name Price Qty
Headpin Gold Plated 2"-Pack of 12
AB Bead Fire Polished Red Glass Faceted Round 4mm-Pack of 1
Trace Chain Gold Plated 2mm-Pack of 1m
Long Ballwire Gold Plated 25x20mm-Pack of 6
Waterloo Sunset Ear-rings Project Sheet
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Steps to make this project

Step 1

Cut your chain into the following lengths – 2x7cm, 2x6cm, 2x5cm, 2x4cm, 2x3cm, 2x2cm and 2x1cm.


Step 2

Add a fire polished to a headpin, trim off the excess wire leaving 1cm above the bead. Using round nosed pliers, turn a loop down to the top of the bead. Make sure that you cut roughly the same amount off each time, this way your loops will be the same size.


Step 3

Open a loop and add to the bottom of a piece of chain, close the loop again. Remember to open the loop by twisting towards you, not pulling the loop open. Repeat to add a bead to the end of each length of chain.


Step 4

Using one of the cut off pieces, turn a large loop at the base of your round nosed pliers.


Step 5

Open this large loop and add the chain in this order – 1cm, 7cm, 2cm, 6cm, 3cm, 5cm and 4cm. Close the loop.


Step 6

Add a 4mm fire polished to the top of the wire and turn a small loop.


Step 7

Add an ear wire.


Step 8

Repeat to make the second ear-ring.