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Discover our 40% Preciosa Sale!

Discover our 40% Preciosa Sale!

Clearance - Charms & Pendants

Get a bargain in our Sale Room! All stock in our clearance category is discontinued and end of line stock, once it's gone it's gone!

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    Bird House Antique Silver 16x12mm - Pack of 50


    Everybody loves to watch a bird flying in and out of a bird house, that joy can be with you always now.

  • MT1AK-20

    Square Celtic Weave Silver Plated 25x21mm - Pack of 20


    A beautiful celtic knot design perfect for earrings.

  • MT1ED-200

    Dotty Square Spacer Bead Antique Silver 5mm - Pack of 200


    A decorative spacer bead.

  • MTPV-10

    Busy Bee Antique Gold 27mm - Pack of 10


    Beeing very thoughtful, we thought we'd bring you this beeautiful creature! A really detailed design in an antique gold finish.

  • MT1AG-50

    Love my Cat Heart Antique Silver 12x9mm - Pack of 50


    A simple sentiment for all cat lovers.

  • MT1AB-2

    Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Antique Silver 16x13mm - Pack of 2


    A double sided charm showing this wondrous leaf.

  • MTPBAS-10

    Fierce Dragon Antique Silver - Pack of 10


    Not sure you could train this dragon, it looks a bit fierce! Best to wear it on a necklace and be on the safe side.

  • MT1BJ-20

    Walking Dog Antique Silver 12x14mm - Pack of 20


    Ready for walkies, a great double sided charm.

  • MT1CR-50

    Mustang Antique Silver 21x14mm - Pack of 50


    Mustangs are thought of as wild and free horses, the classic Old West horse.

  • MT1CS-20

    Dog House Antique Silver 20x17mm - Pack of 20


    Every dog deserves this little house to nap in.

  • MT1BV-20

    Russian Doll Antique Silver 27x12mm - Pack of 20


    Russian nesting dolls or Matryoshka dolls were often given as a present to young women by their beloved as a symbol of fertility and motherhood. Al...

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  • MTYJ-50

    Fangs Antique Silver 12x16mm - Pack of 50


    You won't need garlic to protect you from these fangs, they will add a wicked edge to any design.

  • MTZS-20

    Mother of the Bride Heart Antique Silver 14x15mm - Pack of 20


    Mother of the Bride Heart Antique Silver 14x15mm - Pack of 20Perfect for papercrafts or the special guests on the most important day.

  • MTYW-50

    Bow Antique Silver 15x12mm - Pack of 50


    Sometime the simplest charms are all you need for that finishing touch.

  • MTXN-100

    Stenciled Cross Antique Silver 17x11mm - Pack of 100


    This simple cross is tiny enough to make a pair of ear-rings.

  • MTAN31-50

    Anchor Silver Plated 15x17mm-Pack of 50


    If you need a break from sailing the seven seas this nautical charm will help to keep you grounded, without making you feel like a landlubber!

  • MT1FX-20

    Scaredy Cat Antique Silver 20x18mm - Pack of 20


    Anyone with a cat knows the make myself big look!

  • MT1DH-20

    Triskelion Link Antique Silver 20x28mm - Pack of 20


    Triskelion Link Antique Silver 20x28mm - Pack of 20This ancient celtic symbol is thought to represent a tale of forward motion to reach understanding.

  • MT1CO-50

    Parrot Antique Silver 20x8mm - Pack of 50


    Parrots are some of the most intelligent species of bird in the world and are popular due to some parrots ability to mimic human speech.

  • MT1AE-50

    Clown Fish Antique Silver 17x14mm - Pack of 50


    These cheeky fish are all up for exploring your bead stash.

  • MTZP-20

    Groom Heart Antique Silver 14x15mm - Pack of 20


    Perfect for papercrafts or the special guests on the most important day.

  • MT1AU-50

    Male Symbol Charm Antique Silver 9x15mm - Pack of 50


    The Mars symbol for male is often thought to represent a shield and spear.

  • MTEL-10

    Leaping Dolphin Silver Plated 25x15mm-Pack of 10


    Another of our double sided designs, this leaping dolphin looks so joyful he's sure to brighten your day. Go on, make a splash!

  • MT1FESP-10

    Ridged Oblong 3x3mm Antique Silver - Pack of 10


    An unusual spacer bead, the ridges capture the light beautifully. The generous 2mm hole make this spacer really usable.