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Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!

Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!


Whatever your craft project, we will have supplies for you! Unleash your creativity and choose from hundreds of different beads! We have seed beads, pony beads, plastic, semi precious, ceramic, polymer clay, wooden and more! Start beading your own handmade beaded jewellery, or any other different type of craft.

Unleash your creativity and choose from hundreds of different bead materials, colours and patterns to make your own unique bracelets, earrings and necklaces!


Free Jewellery Making Guides

Discover our growing collection of free jewellery designs , follow our free step by steps and make your own beautiful beaded jewellery!
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What types of beads do you offer?

We’ve got one of the widest ranges of beads available online with an enormous choice of different types and materials. Create stunning jewellery with beads finely crafted from glass, wood, metal, ceramic, silica, polymer clay, or add some sparkle with beautiful semi-precious stones, Preciosa bicones or Swarovski crystals. We also stock and provide everything else you need to make your own jewellery including a wide variety of findings, stringing plus all the tools to help you bring your designs to life. 

What can I create with beads?

Let your imagination go wild! The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own jewellery. Design stunning bracelets, necklaces or earrings that reflect your style and personality. If you’re stuck for ideas, need some inspiration, or would like to learn new jewellery making techniques explore our FREE jewellery making instructions packed full of colourful and easy to make designs. Or pop along to our collection of jewellery making kits, where at one click of a button you can buy the exact beads, with illustrated instructions to make one of our stylish designs. Create your own fun and fabulous accessories with bright and colourful beads or craft elegant and luxurious pieces with semi precious beads or Preciosa crystals. Handmade jewellery is the perfect gift, nothing is more personal than a handcrafted piece of jewellery. It’s not just about what you create, jewellery making is a fantastic way to unwind and relax, as well as a brilliant way to meet new people both online and offline in jewellery making communities. 

What is the difference between Beads & Pendants?

It’s easy to get confused between beads and pendants as they’re often used interchangeably, but they’re fundamentally different. Beads are small baubles or jewels with a hole through the centre allowing them to easily be assembled together with stringing. Your beads can then be complemented with pendants, which are ornamental pieces made from materials including metal and semi-precious stones, helping to add further colour and sparkle to your creations. Our pendants come with a small loop attached to easily make them into earrings, pendants, add to bracelet...or add to any other craft that would welcome an additional adornment!