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Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!

Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!

Meet The Team


Carol is a machine, she is always busy busy busy! Up and down the ladders, picking orders, packing, dispatching, co-ordinating and organising. Carol is a very talented cook, she feeds us all very well. Too well! Her speciality dish (and our favourite) is sambousek, stuffed with Halloumi. But we also love her tabbouleh, stuffed vine leave, and carrot cake... and pretty much everything else she cooks! Carol is very creative and loves fancy dress, our favourite outfit she created was Halloween 2021, where she dressed up and a broken printer. Carol is always making us laugh, she's one of a kind!


Victoria is always smiling! As well as being part of the Beads Unlimited team, Victoria is also a talented seamstress, she gets commissioned to design and hand make the most stunning garments, hand embroidered with beautiful sparkling crystal beads. Victoria's happy place is being on the beach, absorbing the beauty of the sea. Her pride and joy is a her baby tortoise Lou. Victoria loves to sew while watching Murder She Wrote, her favourite band is The Doors, one of her favourite films is Silence of the lambs, she LOVES the moon…and she loves her flip flops!


Sharif is king of the numbers, master of the spreadsheets, and lord of all the tech at Beads Unlimited HQ. He leaves no problem unsolved! When he's not swimming in the river of bead sales data, Sharif goes to all of the gigs, he regularly trains in the combat sport Jui Jitsu, and makes his own vegan candles! His favourite colour is green, one of his favourite musical artists is Bonobo, he is partial to a bowl of baked beans for breakfast, and loves anything science based.


Yvonne is our talented jewellery designer, and our buyer... and she does loads of other important things in between! There is not much she doesn't know about making jewellery and beads... Yvonne has a lot of love to give her many passions...of which she has a lot! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, Zelda, Take That, Marvel, Cosplay - (she makes all her own costumes by hand!), jewellery making... But her favourite thing to do though is to be curled up reading her favourite book.


Tom is the boss of the Beads Unlimited Ship! He sails us smoothly through the sea of beads, while always being as cool as a cucumber. He does a grand job at putting up with all of us! (Which is quite easy really as we’re the perfect team…). Tom has a tremendously loud singing voice, a wonderful sense of humour, and is a very social butterfly. He is a born and bred Brightonian, he is a devoted dog daddy to Ari and has just rekindled his love of Rugby by joining his local Touch Rugby team. But of course, nothing compares to his love of Beads!


Ania has been a member of the Beads Unlimited product co-ordination and packing department for over ten years. Ania looks after the team so well, she always brings fun, games (lots of games!), enthusiasm, energy...and lots of treats! We don't know how she fits everything in, she's a superhero! When she's not at BUHQ, Ania loves travelling, cycling, table tennis, the beach, going to the gym, dancing, food markets. She makes the most delicious exotic foods, she is mummy to Kuba, she has always got loads of exciting activities planned! We think she must do about 1,000,000 steps a day...


Hi, I'm Jo! I take photos of our beautiful beads, create your e-mails, social media content, and all the other creative bits & bobs in between... Apart from beads and jewellery making, food is my favourite thing in the whole world... and my gorgeous greyhound Sheriff, who I love to spoil. I'm proud to be a born and bred Brightonian...and love being outdoors…and going swimming in the sea all year around!
"Chief Support Officer"


"What is that lying down in the corner ?" Don't worry it's just Sheriff Lying down on his back dreaming away ! Though he will always make an effort to wake up from his slumber for a cuddle !


Karen is a wonderful petal in our Wholesale department at Beads Unlimited and has music (especially dub reggae and James Brown) flowing through her veins. As well as being a dedicated bead attendant, she is our resident artist! Karen is SO talented, creative and imaginative. She creates wonderful personalised greetings cards and illustrations that are busting full of character and personality (check out her IG @Karensee8) If Karen were a plant she would be a Sweet Pea, because it reminds her of her mum picking them when she was young. If she had a dinner party, she would love to invite Freida Kahlo, Steve McQueen, Henry Marsh (the Brain surgeon), Picasso and Roald Dahl. And she loves her allotment!


Amancay is the queen of our bead warehouse, and our picking, packing and dispatch expert! She always makes sure your orders are packed to perfection. Amancay is always smiling and skipping, she is always super chilled and she is always the coolest of cool! Amancay's favourite place to be is beside her beautiful black cat, Lux. One of her favourite films is Gremlins, she makes the most delicious coffee cake, she likes to watch Schitts creek on her lunch break, she snacks on peanut butter and jalapeños on toast (!), she has just started to learn how to tattoo....AND has a soft spot for music by Abba!