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Discover our 40% Preciosa Sale!

Discover our 40% Preciosa Sale!


Whether land, sea or air, you'll find all of our birds and beasts in this charms collection. Not to mention the rubber duck and the rocking horse thrown in for good measure!

  • MT1CJ-50

    Tiny Bee Antique Silver 10x11mm - Pack of 50


    A sweet little charm, just pop on an ear wires to make in to earrings, add to a charm bracelet, or any other craft where a tiny bee would be a ...

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  • MT1BX-50

    Tiny Seahorse Antique Silver 22x9mm - Pack of 50


    A tiny seahorse that is just the right size for a pair of beach themed ear-rings.

  • MTMV-10

    Tibetan Style Elephant 21x18x5mm - Pack of 10


    This elephant has packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus, where is she headed next?

  • MT1BU-20

    Prancing Deer Antique Silver 22x16mm - Pack of 20


    This leaping stag looks very happy as it majestically bounds into your jewellery stash.

  • MT1CU-20

    Stegosaurus Antique Silver 26x14mm - Pack of 20


    We love this double sided charm, a great present for a budding Indiana Jones.

  • MT1BH-20

    Rex Dinosaur 12x22mm - Pack of 20


    We can't quite agree on what type of dinosaur this is but we're pretty sure its harmless!

  • MT1BE-10

    Bird Skull Antique Silver 37x11mm - Pack of 10


    Thought to represent a spiritual connection to magic, bird skulls have been used in divination for many ages. Now you can keep that connection clos...

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  • MT1CN-40

    Tiny Bat Antique Silver 23x10mm - Pack of 40


    Did you know there are over 1,000 species of bats worldwide, making up a quarter of the world’s mammals. Our silver species aren’t of the vampire v...

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  • MT1CG-10

    Spider Web Antique Silver 30x27mm - Pack of 10


    This spider seems quite settled on it's silky home so no worrying where it's gone when you take your eyes off it.

  • MT1FDSP-2

    Feather 34x16mm Antique Silver - Pack of 2


    A striking charm that would be beautiful all on it's own.

  • MT1AW-20

    Dinosaur Charm Silver Plated 26x14mm - Pack of 20


    We can't quite agree on what type of dinosaur this is but we're pretty sure its harmless!

  • MTPP-30

    Wise Owl Antique Silver 12x7x3mm - Pack of 30


    Wise Owl Antique Silver 12x7x3mm - Pack of 30Our little owl charms are really sweet, they even have a front and back design so would be perfect on ...

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  • MT1CD-30

    Creepy Spider Antique Silver 14x19mm - Pack of 30


    We can absolutely guarantee that these spiders won't scurry or scuttle, you don't have to worry about them lurking in the bathtub either!

  • MTHZ-50

    Pendant Antique Silver Metal Feather 19x5mm-Pack of 50


    Like all the best charms this simple yet pretty design is double sided, making it great for earrings too. Unlike a real feather this can be worn sa...

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  • MT1BG-50

    Bone Antique Silver 7x6mm - Pack of 50


    Every dogs desire! This little charm is perfect for your dog mad friends.

  • MT1AH-10

    Robin Silver Plated 20x12mm - Pack of 10


    The robin has been voted in as the nation's favourite bird and who are we to argue? Since they can be a little shy we thought this pretty charm mig...

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  • MTJD-10

    Crow Antique Silver 14x18mm-Pack of 10


    Of course we hate to crow about our fantastic designs, but people do keep raven on about this double sided charm.

  • MT1BW-20

    Tiny Dog Antique Silver 14x13mm - Pack of 20


    This double sided little chap looks ready to face a day of walks, naps and digging.

  • MTWY-30

    Sausage Dog Antique Silver 22x13mm - Pack of 30


    One of our cutest animal charms, who doesn't love a sausage dog.

  • MTRN-20

    Reindeer Antique Silver 23x19mm - Pack of 20


    Our reindeer (or caribou depending on where you come from) are double sided metal charms ideal for all kinds of craft as they bring both a cute sen...

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  • MTYC-20

    Penguin Antique Silver 24x10mm - Pack of 20


    This gorgeous double sided penguin is ready to waddle into your jewellery collection.

  • Sold out

    Tiny Reindeer Antique Silver 19x10mm - Pack of 2


    Tiny Reindeer Antique Silver 19x10mm - Pack of 2This tiny reindeer has a very impressive set of antlers. Add the king of the forest to your collect...

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  • MT1FJ-40

    Seated Dragon Antique Silver 18x17mm - Pack of 40


    A beautiful and gentle dragon that looks like it's ready to bow for its rider. This charm is double sided.

  • MTZK-2

    Giraffe Aantique Silver 17x8mm - Pack of 2


    Who doesn't love a visit to see the Giraffes? Now you can keep the wonder of these stunning creatures with you all the time.