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Discover our 40% Preciosa Sale!

Discover our 40% Preciosa Sale!

Nautical and Travel

No need to travel the world in search of great designs, we've done it for you! Our range features some classic and maybe not so traditional modes of transport...

  • MT1DT-50

    Filligree Moon Charm Antique Silver 11x17.5mm - Pack of 50


    A tiny moon with a pretty filligree design.

  • MT1CT-20

    Lightning Silver Plated 34x8mm - Pack of 20


    They say it never strikes the same place twice but if you make these into ear-rings, you'll always have a spare bolt.

  • MT1DC-20

    Filigree Moon Pendant Antique Silver 40x29mm - Pack of 20


    Add a charm to the bottom loop of this statement pendant for a quick jewellery make.

  • MTWT-50

    Shell Antique Silver 14x13mm - Pack of 50


    A lovely shell charm to remind you of days at the seaside.

  • MT1BX-50

    Tiny Seahorse Antique Silver 22x9mm - Pack of 50


    A tiny seahorse that is just the right size for a pair of beach themed ear-rings.

  • MT1DR-40

    Happy Star Charm Antique Silver 12x14.5mm - Pack of 40


    This cheeky little star would look very cute on a pair of ear-rings.

  • Sold out

    Flying Witch Antique Silver 11x16mm - Pack of 50


    Not quite the Worst Witch, not quite a Wicked Witch but our Whizzy Woo Witch will be flying off the shelves if you don't grab her quick. And Whoos...

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  • MT1FL-40

    Double Sun Antique Silver 17x13mm - Pack of 40


    This double sided charm has a tribal feel to it. The sun is important in so many cultures, now it can be part of your jewellery designs.

  • MT1FN-10

    Spaceman Charm 21x15mm Antique Silver - Pack of 10


    There's a Starman waiting in the sky… This happy little guy just can't wait to share all his stories.

  • MT1DX-20

    Mermaid Pendant Antique Silver 12x22.5mm - Pack of 20


    A double sided charm with a different design front and back.

  • MTYK-20

    Sleigh Antique Silver 20x23mm - Pack of 20


    Santa has loaded his sleigh and is ready to deliver.

  • MTMP-10

    Tibetan Style Sea Horse 38x18x3mm - Pack of 10


    A serene seahorse pendant for those days when life seems a little hectic!

  • MT1CH-10

    Shark Jaw Antique Silver 29x18mm - Pack of 10


    This shark jaw charm is articulated making for a really interesting addition to your pendant selection.

  • MT1CF-20

    Toucan Antique Silver 20x10mm - Pack of 20


    This Toucan bead is drilled from bottom to top and would add an interesting look to any jewellery piece.

  • MTXS-50

    World Map Antique Silver 15x15mm - Pack of 50


    A wonderfully detailed flat globe.

  • MT1DN-30

    Resting Mermaid Pendant Antique Silver 22.5x26mm - Pack of 30


    This mermaid is taking a rest from collecting seashells and we've captured her in this striking pendant.

  • MTAN31-50

    Anchor Silver Plated 15x17mm-Pack of 50


    If you need a break from sailing the seven seas this nautical charm will help to keep you grounded, without making you feel like a landlubber!

  • MTXD-30

    Big Ben Antique Silver 36x5mm - Pack of 30


    A traditional and iconic symbol of London.

  • MT1FY-10

    Carriage Antique Silver 15x14mm - Pack of 10


    Off to the ball in this beautiful carriage that definitely won't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

  • MTAN32-50

    Anchor Gold Plated Metal 15x17mm-Pack of 50


    If you need a break from sailing the seven seas this nautical charm will help to keep you grounded, without making you feel like a landlubber! Sing...

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