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50% Clearance Sale This Weekend - 190+ products just added!

50% Clearance Sale This Weekend- 190+ products just added!

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Discover our newly added range of products !   

  • BEBO2-1

    Sensational Bead Stringing - Pack of 1


    By Katie Hacker. A great reference book for using bead stringing wire to make many different types of jewelry. Make 40 trendy and stylish jewelry d...

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  • BEBO1-1

    Bead Stringing Basics - Pack of 1


    Learn how to make these exciting designs and gain inspiration to create your own jewelry with wire, chain, and other stringing materials! This book...

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  • BEBWX-1

    Beeswax 12.3g - Pack of 1


    A bead weavers best friend. Help to calm those wayward threads and help prevent tangling as you work.

  • BETBM-1

    Tacky Bead Mat 4x4" - Pack of 1


    The Beadalon Tacky Bead Mat is a sticky mat that keeps beads and pieces in place while you're working. It does not leave a sticky residue when you ...

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  • BESCO-1

    Bead Scoop - Pack of 1


    Access beads of all sizes from bins, storage containers, and mats with this compact metal scoop. Use it to clean beads off your workstation. An exc...

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  • BESPT-3

    Spool Tamer - Pack of 3


    Put an end to tangled wire! The Spool Tamer the ultimate tool in Beadalons collection of bead supplies--is an adjustable wire dispenser that helps ...

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  • BECNJ-1

    Nylon Jaw Pliers - Pack of 1


    This tool is designed for shaping and sculpting wire. Nylon jaws protect surface finish of wire or other materials. No need for rebuffing or refini...

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  • BECMW-1

    Classic Memory Wire Shears - Pack of 1


    Memory Wire can really compromise the blades of a Flush Cutter or Nipper. Keep these Economy Shears close to quickly and easily make clean cuts in ...

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  • BECSR-1

    Classic Split Ring Pliers - Pack of 1


    Specially designed for opening split rings and making attachments fast and easy. Hardened steel nose separates split rings and keeps them separated...

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  • BESCR-1

    Standard Crimp Tool - Pack of 1


    Close and secure crimp beads and crimp tubes with this easy-to-use hand tool. Inner-position grooves crimp beads and tubes tightly closed with one ...

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  • BEESC-1

    Ergo Side Cutter Pliers - Pack of 1


    Use this quality stainless steel Semi-Flush Cutter to create close, clean cuts on wire. Ergonomically designed cutters have secure, comfortable gri...

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  • BEERN-1

    Ergo Round Nosed Pliers - Pack of 1


    Round Nose Pliers are a staple in wire and jewelry craft. These high quality stainless steel ergonomically designed Designer Ergo Round Nose Pliers...

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  • BEECN-1

    Ergo Chain Nosed Pliers - Pack of 1


    Chain Nose Pliers are useful in many applications, and a quality tool is something you can appreciate. Use this stainless steel ergonomically desig...

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  • BESP-1

    Bead Spinner - Pack of 1


    Spin-N-Bead bead loaders make stringing seed beads, liquid silver beads, or other small beads quick and easy! Fill the bowl about half-full of bead...

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  • BECBN-1

    Curved Big Eye Needle - Pack of 2


    Beadalon curved eye needles that are used alongside bead spinners making it easier to string beads, helping you save time and effort !

  • BEST-8

    Bead Stopper Combo Pack - Pack of 8


    Stop those accidental bead spills with these ingenious little devices. Squeeze the ends to open and clamp onto bead cord and start adding beads. Pa...

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  • BU2205SR17-1

    Cobalt Pop Spiral Rope Bracelet Kit


    A beautiful bracelet to adorn any wrist, perfect with casual wear to show off the shine of miracle beads. This kit is ideal for beginners to bead w...

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  • BU2205SR19-1

    Pastel Shadow Spiral Rope Bracelet Kit


    A beautiful bracelet to adorn any wrist, perfect with casual wear to show off the shine of miracle beads. This kit is ideal for beginners to bead w...

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  • GLPC0608-100

    Pressed Pale Blue Glass Round 6mm - Pack of 100


    High quality pressed glass rounds from the Czech Republic, available in 3 sizes and a wide range of colours. Always popular as they're so versatile...

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  • GLVG26-70

    Faceted Oval 6x8mm Dark Red - 1 string


    Gorgeous ovals that are faceted to maximise sparkle. Approximately an 18" String

  • EASK-1

    EasyKnot Pearl and Bead Knotting Comb - Pack of 1


    Create uniform knots every time with this easy to use knotting tool. Check out for tips on how to use th...

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  • BU2205PBC-1

    Royal Pearl Choker Kit


    This striking piece was inspired by the Queens Japanese Pearl Choker. The Queen has a love of pearls and these were a gift from the Japanese govern...

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  • BU2205FN-1

    Fringe Necklace Kit


    Inspired by the stunning City of London Fringe Necklace that was given to Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift by a number of important financial f...

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  • BU2205SSE-1

    Sapphire Suite Earrings Kit


    These earrings were inspired by the King George VI Victorian Sapphire Suite that was given as a gift to then Princess Elizabeth on her wedding day....

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