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Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!

Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!

Look Book

Our Beading Community's Creations

We wanted to showcase some of the amazing work that our community has created, so we decided to display a small compliation of everyone's work into our own little look book !

Dinky Dot's Dollhouse

"My autistic daughter is my inspiration and reason for everything I do! My little shop developed from our premature birth story, and all of my work is sold to raise money for mental health and prematurity charities. Knowing they are being supported is a big inspiration to keep going! I only started my business in 2021, but since then I've somehow managed to raise over £3000 for charity, sell to over 24 countries, get over 200,000 shop views, and been asked to do 3 artist residencies with KENJI in the North West. Beading brings me such joy and peace, and I've used hundreds of products from Beads Unlimited since day one! I'm still in amazement that I get to do something I enjoy so much, and I'm loving every second!"
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Emma Knapton

The Sew Unique

“I really enjoy fitting all the beads together like a jigsaw plus I think I spend a lot of time just admiring them while I choose which ones I want to use. My inspiration for my work is colour and texture mainly I love how colours can mix and flow into each other, I also really like adding 3D elements to my work and pushing the boundaries of embroidery”
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Rhythm in Beads

"Rhythm beads are inspired by Native American designs and work by giving your horse or pony a gentle rhythmic jingle of beads and bells to listen to and focus on, rather than other 'distractions' in the environment. Riders can also benefit from their use, as they help keep the rider in a consistent rhythm; great for schooling, as changes in gait and rhythm are easily heard. Rhythm beads are often worn by Endurance and Trek riders for this reason. Rhythm beads also help out hacking; warning birds and other wildlife of your approach and help prevent startled birds suddenly spooking your horse"
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The Majestic Tree

" My biggest inspiration for beading is my love for crystals 💖 I love everything about them and their magical energies. To be able to work with crystals daily and combine them with making jewellery feels absolutely amazing. I really enjoy beading as I find it very therapeutic and there are so many different options of what you can make with them, the only limit is your imagination ❤️"
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Hand grace made

" I find a lot of different inspirations, but often within nature and seasons. I love to work with lots of different colours, but the time of year will often have an effect on the types of pieces I’ll make - in the summer I’ll focus on brighter colours and use different materials (like seashells for example), and autumn/winter will see more subtle uses of colour, more like light pastels, blues and whites, etc. I’m surrounded by nature where I’m based in Dorset, so it plays a large part within my design process. "
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Sanctuary Studio

"My mother inspired me to make jewellery she was a lapidarist she collected and tumbled stones to make necklaces and rings back in the 70's. I live within 2 minutes of the beach and this inspired me in my creative process, the colours of the sea from spring through to winter.I enjoy using natural stones and beads in my jewellery, as it evokes emotions in my customers."
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Oh Peach Please

What inspires you to bead? "I love to make anything! But beads are my go to craft for as long as I can remember. Colours inspire me mostly. I love making them clash or compliment each other. " What is it about beading that you enjoy? "I love the calm of beading. I can just tune into it and make something! Having all raw materials and then making into something ♥"
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Evie D Designs

"I like designing different ranges of products for the different seasons, whether it be my Liberty of London fabric bracelets and keyrings, matching the different Liberty fabrics to the different charms or creating seed bead bracelets using bright summer colours or more muted winter winter tones"
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Mikey and partner


We love how much creative freedom we get with beading and the endless possibilities that come with it; from designs to patterns to tiny details like writing and shapes. The unique pieces we can create and make ours are what really make it fun. The kandi community is very diverse and we look up to so many YouTube creators like Ginger Cand-e and Vicky Muffins who share their skills so everyone can start somewhere; they inspire us greatly.
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Jewel Engineering

"I was in a bad place when I moved to the UK. I had to quit my job and I had nothing to do and that was a very depressing time. And then I was fascinated by the Nature of England and all the colors. It is like magic every season here. That was the time I decided to do something colorful and started to search for what can I do. Then I reminded beads of nothing but colourful beads. Then I decided to make jewelry with them. At first, it was just a hobby and then I decided to create my small business. Since then I am doing it. Making beaded jewelry comforts me. It is like a meditation to me. Everything started with the colours of England's Nature. This is what inspires me 😇"
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Watermelon jewellery

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Carol, Bob & Beth

Carol created this beautiful blue collection with her team; Bob and Beth

Litty the little beader

Litty loves to work with beads and cords and learning new techniques.
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C Hill

"I am just a magpie! And beading means I get to play with lots of pretty, sparkly things and I end up with beautiful jewellery I can then wear or gift to friends and family. I am unable to do very much due to poor health and wanted something to occupy my hands and brain, so I tried beading (it's sooo sparkly!), it's also great therapy for chronic pain and mental health issues"
"Swarn of bees' by Clare


It was so lovely to read about Clare's jewellery set; "Earlier this year I bought two packs of your bee charms - I love bees and am an active wild gardener slightly obsessed with improving habitats for bees and I loved that the purchase price included a donation to a bee charity. My plan was to make bee earrings to sell but got slightly carried away and ended up making myself a set of jewellery using the whole two packs. Because of the size of the charms people don't initially realize it is all made of bees - I call it my swarm!"

Issuaq Beads

"This necklace was made in tribute to my great Grandmother, with inspiration from work done by her- a necklace and a tin cover that she made and gifted to me as a child"
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Charmed To Bead You

"The endless colours, textures, shapes and sizes! Just when I’ve settled on a concept or design, I’ll see beads I’ve never seen before and get inspired all over again! I love that beads make jewellery much more accessible to everyone and I love that adding beads to any project just gives them a twinkle."
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Three Part Spinning Bead Cuff by


What inspires me is all the different things you can do with beads, all of which have different patterns or formulas which you must learn to make them. I love the making process and watching pieces slowly build up, it’s super rewarding when your concept becomes reality. I think what I most enjoy about creating kandi is how repetitive it is, it occupies your thoughts and has really helped me with my mental health since I began. I couldn’t recommend kandi more and highly encourage people to give it a go!
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Clay by Lottie

My daughter Charlotte and I make our earrings together as a team, we started making during lockdown, and haven’t stopped! We’re inspired by the meaning of crystals, and the healing properties each one has. We love working with gemstone chips especially, every bead is so unique to work with. We love wearing jewellery, but we love making jewellery even more!