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Discover our 70% Clearance Sale!

Free Instructions : Rainbow Heart Earrings

Materials Needed :

a pair of studs hoops (STHO32)
2 x head pins (HPGP)
4 x 2.4mm metal beads (MTEA2432)
2 x rainbow heart polymer clay beads (FMBB)
2 x open circle links (MT1EL18GP)
2 x scroll backs (SBGP)

Tools required:

one pair of side cutters (BEESP)
one pair of round nosed pliers (BEERN)
one pair of chain nosed pliers (BEECN)


1 Take one head pin and thread 1 metal bead, 1 rainbow heart bead, one metal bead, move them down to the bottom of the head pin (photo 1)



2. Using side cutters, trim your head pin down so there is 10mm above where your last bead is. Using chain nosed pliers, fold over the top section of the head pin over, so it is at a right angle, and the fold is as close the the last pin as possible. (photo 2)



3. Using round nosed pliers, turn a neat loop (photo 3)



4. Using chain nosed pliers, open the loop you have just created on your rainbow heart dangle. Loop on to it one stud hoop, and one open circle link (photo 4)


5. Using chain nosed pliers, close the loop again (photo 5)




6. Add on a scroll back to the post of your hoop stud (photo 6)


7. Repeat all your steps again to make your second earring! 

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