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Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!

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Make your own beautifully tactile necklace, featuring seed beads. What seed beads will you choose to make your necklace.... the colour possibilities are endless! 

Materials Needed 

Size 8/0 Opaque Black Seed Beads ( O801 )
Size 8/0 Silver Lined Lavender Seed Beads ( S824 )
Size 8/0 Silver Lined Lime Seed Beads ( S828 )
7mm Silver Plated Jump Rings ( JR7SP )
Extension Chain & trigger ( EXCH55SP )

Tools Required

Two Pairs of chain nosed pliers ( BEECN )
1. Using two pairs of chain nosed pliers, open up one 7mm jump ring ( photo 1 )
2. Thread on six seed beads ( photo 2 )
3. Using your chain nosed pliers, close the jump ring. ( photo 3) There is not much room for the pliers, but ensure that the jump ring is closed as flush / closely as possible, leaving no gap. 
4. Open up another jump ring, thread 6 seed beads onto it, before you close the jump ring, thread the beaded jump ring from the previous step, then close it ( photo 3 )
5. Repeat step 4, we chose to use three seed beads colours, and repeated them ( photo 4 )
6. Repeat step 4 until your necklace is your desired length 
7. Take your extension chain, open up the end jump ring of your necklace and add one half the clasp, and close the jump ring. Repeat at the other end with the extension chain ( photo 5 )

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