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Free Instructions: Rainbow Tigers Eye Necklace

Follow our step by step instructions and learn how to make your own stylish necklace featuring gorgeous rainbow tigers eye beads

Materials needed for a 16" Necklace

18 Circle Links ( MT1EL )

19 Eye pins ( EPGP )

19 6mm Rainbow Tiger's Eye Beads ( TIG6SRMX )

1 Trigger & extension set ( EXCH5GP-2 )


Tools Required

Side Cutters ( BEESC )

Round Nosed Pliers ( BEERN )

Chain Nosed Pliers ( BEECN )

A Beading Mat ( BMT-2 )


1. Take one eye pin, thread one Tiger's Eye Rainbow bead on, using your side cutter trim the eye pin 8mm above the last metal bead ( photo 1 )

2. Using chain nosed pliers to fold over the top section of the eye pin, so the fold is close to the bead ( photo 2 )

3. Use round nosed pliers to turn a neat loop to finish your beaded link ( photo 3 )

4. Using chain nosed pliers, open up a loop of your beaded link, link it onto the end of your extension chain, close the link ( photo 4 )

5. Open up the other loop on your beaded link, link it onto one circle link, close the loop

( photo 5 )


6. Repeat step 1-3 to make another beaded link. TIP - use the off cut from your eye pin in step 1 to make your next link! ( Photo 6 )

7. Using chain nosed pliers, open up the loop of the beaded link you just made, and link it onto the circle link from step 5, close the link ( photo 7 )

8. Repeat step 5 ( photo 8 )

9. Continue repeating these steps ( photo 9 ) until your necklace is the length you would like it to be

10. When you reach your last beaded link, open up the end loop, and link it onto your trigger clasp, and close the loop ( photo 10 )


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