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Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!

Discover our 50% Clearance Sale!


*Applies to multi packs only & ends Midnight Monday 25.05.2020

  • MT1DT-50

    Filligree Moon Charm Antique Silver 11x17.5mm - Pack of 50


    A tiny moon with a pretty filligree design.

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    Open Star Antique Silver 13x10mm - Pack of 100


    A simple star charm.

  • MT1DC-20

    Filigree Moon Pendant Antique Silver 40x29mm - Pack of 20


    Add a charm to the bottom loop of this statement pendant for a quick jewellery make.

  • MTPA-20

    Pentagram Antique Silver 16.5mm - Pack of 20


    Whether you know it as a pentagram, pentacle or pentangle, you'll be familiar with this symbol so why not add one to your next piece of jewellery? ...

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  • MT1BK-20

    Decorative Skull Antique Silver 24x16mm - Pack of 20


    Cute or creepy? This skull is engraved with a wonderful floral theme.

  • MTZZ-30

    Snowflake Antique Silver 17x12mm - Pack of 30


    They say that no 2 snowflakes are exactly the same but we like to think that ours make a great matching set of earrings and a pendant.

  • MT1BF-50

    Dotty Star Drop Antique Silver 18x15mm - Pack of 50


    A simple star charm.

  • MT1DR-40

    Happy Star Charm Antique Silver 12x14.5mm - Pack of 40


    This cheeky little star would look very cute on a pair of ear-rings.

  • MT1CQ-50

    Jack Pumpkin Antique Silver 19x16mm - Pack of 50


    Our spooky Jack-O-Lantern will make a great pair of earrings at Halloween.

  • MT1FJ-40

    Seated Dragon Antique Silver 18x17mm - Pack of 40


    A beautiful and gentle dragon that looks like it's ready to bow for its rider. This charm is double sided.

  • MTJA2-50

    Flying Witch Antique Silver 11x16mm - Pack of 50


    Not quite the Worst Witch, not quite a Wicked Witch but our Whizzy Woo Witch will be flying off the shelves if you don't grab her quick. And Whoosh...

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  • MTZE-50

    Crown Antique Silver 12x8mm - Pack of 50


    Use this charm to add a spot of regal glamour to your designs.

  • MT1AA-50

    Plain Hat Antique Silver 11x11mm - Pack of 50


    The basic accessory for any magic maker.

  • MT1DV-20

    Fabulous Unicorn Charm Antique Silver 14.5x23mm - Pack of 20


    This unicorn has had a lot of fun decorating it's mane and tail to be oh so fabulous!

  • MT1DX-20

    Mermaid Pendant Antique Silver 12x22.5mm - Pack of 20


    A double sided charm with a different design front and back.

  • MTMH-20

    'made for an angel' Charm Antique Silver 17x13mm - Pack of 20


    Adorable charms engraved with 'made for an angel' on the reverse. Material: Zinc Alloy - nickel, lead and cadmium free Colour: Silver Finish: Anti...

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  • MTYS-30

    Rainbow Antique Silver 12x20mm - Pack of 30


    Somewhere over the rainbow, you'll find this charm.

  • MT1EYSP-2

    Sun and Moon 17mm Antique Silver - Pack of 2


    Gorgeous charm with a high amount of detail to bring a celestial feel to your designs.

  • MTTU-50

    Sun 17x20mm Antique Silver - Pack of 50


    With this cheery charm you can have sunshine everyday! Material: Zinc Alloy - nickel, lead and cadmium free Colour: Silver Finish: Antique Silver ...

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    Fangs Antique Silver 12x16mm - Pack of 50

    Original Price £4.50
    Current Price £2.25

    You won't need garlic to protect you from these fangs, they will add a wicked edge to any design. Material: Zinc alloy - nickel, lead and cadmium ...

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  • MT1FG-20

    Fancy Moon Antique Silver 22x15mm - Pack of 20


    This elegant moon looks like it is crowned with wisps of cloud.

  • MTYN-30

    Candy Cane Antique Silver 10x26mm - Pack of 30


    A simple candy cane decorated with holly, this charm is light enough to make a simple pair of ear-rings.

  • MT1DO-30

    Unicorn Charm Antique Silver 15.5x26.5mm - Pack of 30


    This lovely charm could also be used as a link.

  • MTYM-50

    Wine Glass Antique Silver 15x8mm - Pack of 50


    The all important wine glass charm for that Friday feeling.